Inspiration of the Week #63

March 11, 2013 through March 17, 2013

History, Science, and the Cosmic Religion:

This past week I came across the History Channel documentary “History of the World in 2 Hours.” It was remarkable to learn and see the interconnectedness of the universe, our planet, and our species. As one scientist in the film so eloquently put it, “We are all star dust.” By coincidence, this week also happened to be the birth week of Albert Einstein, another scientist who understood the relativity of the universe and the interconnectedness of nature. Einstein being a scientist yet also understanding the powerful role that religion has played in the history of world advocated a belief in what he called a “Cosmic Religion.” An evolved view of the world that I think developed from the counterbalancing aspects of his character, his scientific brilliance and his strong sense of spirituality. As he once explained:

“The world needs new moral impulses which, I’m afraid, won’t come from the churches, heavily compromised as they have been throughout the centuries. Perhaps those impulses must come from scientists in the tradition of Galileo, Kepler and Newton. In spite of failures and persecutions, these men devoted their lives to proving that the universe is a single entity, in which, I believe, a humanized God has no place. The genuine scientist is not moved by praise or blame, nor does he preach. He unveils the universe and people come eagerly, without being pushed, to behold a new revelation: the order, the harmony, the magnificence of creation! And as man becomes conscious of the stupendous laws that govern the universe in perfect harmony, he begins to realize how small he is. He sees the pettiness of human existence, with its ambitions and intrigues, its ‘I am better than thou’ creed. This is the beginning of cosmic religion within him; fellowship and human service become his moral code. And without such moral foundations, we are hopelessly doomed.”
-Albert Einstein (Einstein and the Poet p.66 1943)

No matter what you believe in, I hope you will enjoy watching the documentary and see the beauty in the harmony of nature and life.

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