The idea for TRI came to me when I realized that I had spent years on social media sites, primarily Myspace and Facebook, sharing information with friends and family that I felt would provide helpful insight into their lives and the overall society in which we live. I have organized much of that information, along with new dynamic content, here on TRI. Instead of the fleeting comments and postings of social media websites, I want to provide a comprehensive and well-organized resource that people can access at anytime. I will do my best to provide the least amount of commentary and narrative, and instead present you with the greatest amount of substance. The information presented may possess strong messages but it is ultimately upon you to expand on these ideas. You don’t have to agree with all the material but I do encourage you to participate and take the time to voice your opinions. It is our responsibility as members of a civilized society to become productive members in it.

Ways to Participate

You the visitor are welcomed and encouraged to contribute in any of the following ways:

  • Registering a user account so that you can comment on postings and share resources of your own.
  • Sharing your inspirational stories in the Forum on the Share Your Story page.
  • Getting involved with the social and political action movements located on the Inspired? page.
  • Donating to TheRealisticInspiration.com. You can click the ‘Donate’ button in the side bar to do so.

You can go about registering a user account for TRI.com by clicking ‘Register‘ in the ‘User Accounts‘ section of the side bar on the right hand side.

The Issues

The issues presented on this site will be primarily of those relating to the Social Sciences. You will notice that each resource presented will be labeled and organized according to one or more of the following subject titles:

These labels will not only help with the organization of the content but will also allow you to search for and choose the content you wish to study according to the focus of the subject matter.

Regarding Conspiracy Theories

Any resource posted that does not come from a credible source and that promotes selectively skeptical data will be subject to removal, unless the resource pertains to the subject-title of “Spiritual.” Spiritual and religious issues are not verifiable by science and therefore are theoretical and exempt from TRI standards. From my experience, much of the Conspiracy Theory rhetoric uses selective skepticism and cynical ideology to make its case. Most Conspiracy debates have no conclusion, as the theorist faithfully relies on rhetorical questions to keep their argument alive. Thus, such debates will not be tolerated on TRI.