Noam Chomsky-The Left Forum

This is probably one of the best analysis of current American politics that I have come across in all of my research. Noam Chomsky inspired by the actions of Joseph Stack flying his plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas and the suicide note that he left behind, does a brilliant job of dissecting the rise of the radical right and the Tea Party in America.

TRI Highlight – starting at around 56 minutes:
“This anti-tax extremism that you see in the Tea Party Movement is not as immediately suicidal…. but it is suicidal none the less”…… “California’s plight results in large part from anti-tax fanaticism”…… “Well encouraging anti-tax sentiment has long been a staple of the business propaganda that dominates the doctrinal system“……. (The doctrinal system being that:) “People must be indoctrinated to hate and fear the government”…… (Because:) “Of the existing power systems the government is the only one that in principal, and sometimes in fact, is answerable to the public and can impose some constraints on the depredations of private power“…… “So called Libertarians don’t seem to see that is what they are calling for”……

Rekindling the Radical Imagination – Piven, Jones, Roy & Chomsky, March 21, 2010 from pdxjustice Media Productions on Vimeo.